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The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) in Jeffreys Bay will be holding a Recruitment and general open day at their Base on Saturday 29 March 2014 from 10 am.

MTN Sea Rescue Station 37 - Weekly Practise, 27 January 2013

The Base is situated in the MTN Tower on Diaz Road between the Ski Boat Club and the Viswijf Restaurant.

Interested visitors will be shown around the Base, have a chance to see the Rescue Boats and Vehicles, chat to Crew members and view some videos.

The purpose of the day is to recruit men and women under 50 years of age, to be trained for Active Duty at the Base. New Recruits will receive theoretical and practical training in seamanship, navigation, first aid and radio procedures.

It is always beneficial, but not required for new Sea Going Recruits to have a background in the marine environment and be familiar with the sea, but if you are fit, healthy and eager to learn, you will fit right in.

The NSRI Base in Jeffreys Bay is known as Station 37, it being the 37th Base to be opened around the country and has been active since 2010.

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The Base is particularly active over holiday periods when many people in difficulty have been rescued by rescue crews.

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The NSRI was formed in 1967 as a direct result of the drowning of 17 crew members from a fishing boat off Stilbaai in the Western Cape.

The Institute’s Rescue Craft and Stations across South Africa are manned by some 940 dedicated, unpaid volunteers from all walks of life, with the motto “To save lives in South African waters.”

NSRI/Sea Rescue 24/7 Emergency number for the Jeffreys Bay area – 079 916 0390.

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