Aston Bay Hall vandalised

Vandals have struck at the newly renovated Aston Bay community hall and have broken off the hand wash basins, shower head and some outer plumbing to steal copper and metal fittings.

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This occurred on Monday afternoon.

Three young African males were spotted on Tuesday morning at the hall and were confronted by community members. Two of the men fled into the bush while the third maintained that he was not involved with the vandalism.

Andries Marx, one of the community members then searched the bushes and discovered some of the fittings that had been stolen.

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The box of fitting discovered in the bush
The box of fitting discovered in the bush

The “Dorp van Drome” project initiated the renovation of the Aston Bay Hall and will once again repair the hall, using only plastic fittings.

They have also appealed to the public to report any suspicious behaviour at the Hall to the Police.

Any financial assistance will be greatly appreciated and Le Roux Nel can be contacted on 082 325 7882.

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