Man climbs through roof in St Francis Bay

A St Francis Bay woman in her 80s in Assisi Drive got the fright of her life last night when she was sitting on the toilet in her bathroom and a pair of legs came through the thatch roof above her.

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She immediately jumped up and managed to get outside the bathroom and lock the door from the outside before pressing the panic button. This was about 8 pm, the woman told St Francis Chronicle.

Calibre Security was quickly on the scene, having summoned the cops who responded to the house as well.

The man was no longer in the bathroom when the police came and unlocked the door. There was just an unsightly mess of thatch on the bathroom floor and no open windows.

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The roof is rather high so it is presumed the man must have had someone to help him escape again through the hole he had made in the thatch.

The area was scoured and the intruder or intruders were not found. Calibre Security patrolled the area last night.

Source: St Francis Chronicle

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