Regulations to professionalise Municipal management

Lechesa TsenoliIn an effort to professionalise Municipal appointments, the Government has introduced “Regulations on the Appointment and Conditions of Employment of Senior Managers”.

Speaking during a briefing on local government on Friday, Minister Lechesa Tsenoli said the regulations tighten up the appointment of and conditions of employment of senior managers in municipalities.

He said the regulations is also aimed at strengthening governance and institutional systems by guiding municipalities in the appointment of senior managers to ensure that their skills are specific for the purpose.

When asked about the senior managers who don’t have the required relevant qualifications, Minister Tsenoli said they would give them a chance to acquire these qualifications.

“So, we are giving them 18 months to acquire those specific skills and training, and those who might not have those by then, post 18 months, their employment will be irregular.

“Unfortunately the law cannot be implemented retrospectively, so people are given an opportunity acquire those skills and if they don’t have them, they will have to leave the employment and those with relevant qualifications must be appointed,” he said.

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The regulations will also provide for the creation of a database of managers who have been dismissed for misconduct or corrupt activities in order to prevent the rehiring of such unsuitable managers who may move on to other municipalities once dismissed or subjected to a disciplinary process.

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The new Employment Equity Regulations will complicate the introduction of process of beefing up Municipal appointments as the entire country will have to apply national demographics to senior management organograms.

This will leave the Kouga particularly vulnerable as well as the Western Cape government.

Through the new law, senior managers will be required to declare their financial interests on a regular basisand further prohibits them from holding positions in political parties. 

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