15 Swimmers Standing By to Attempt Extreme “Swim for Hope”

The 15 swimmers standing by for Swim For Hope around Cape Point, have a few extra days to prepare for the challenge physically and mentally, since a dangerously big Diaz Beach surf forecast for the weekend will prevent them from entering the water on the weekend as originally hoped.  

The swimmers will take on freezing water when going around Cape Point
The swimmers will take on freezing water when going around Cape Point

The group will swim as soon as conditions are acceptable, which would entail a surf of 2.2m or smaller, and a relative calm day, wind-wise.

Since 1979, only 19 swimmers have successfully rounded Cape Point, in comparison to thousands of Robben Island and even English Channel crossings.

This is a clear indication of the determination and courage of the fifteen swimmers, from all walks of life, who are going on standby for Swim for Hope on the 1st of March.

Teachers, business men, health therapists, retail franchisees, wine makers and photographers join South African musician Carina Bruwer, for one of the most extreme and gruelling open water swimming challenges in South African waters, and arguably, the world.

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Seven of the Cape Town based Hope swimmers tested the Atlantic waters of Camps Bay together on Wednesday

The group, ranging in age between mid-twenties and early sixties, will attempt the 8km rounding of Cape Point with its notoriously turbulent, icy and shark infested waters, in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust (LFCT), who offers support to children with cancer across South Africa. 

Swim for Hope will stretch from Diaz Beach on the Western side of Cape point, to Buffel’s Bay on the Eastern side, taking the swimmers through the point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.

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