Final turbine delivered to JBay Wind Farm

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, one of the largest wind farms in South Africa, transported its final load from the Port of Ngqura to its site on 21 February.

wind turbines 2

The Project began transportation of these gigantic turbine components on 22 July 2013, completing distances of over 110 000 km in total.

“This has been a huge undertaking and we would like to thank the public for their patience and support over the last seven months,” said Mark Pickering, General Manager of Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

wind turbine on road

The heaviest loads, carrying 85 ton nacelles, weighed in at over 146 tons including the truck and trailer; the average speed was a very slow 40km/h; the average load time took 2.5 hours from Port to site and there were a total of 480 loads.

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In addition to ensuring the safe delivery of very expensive and crucial Wind Turbine components, this programme has provided the opportunity for local employment, skills development and training.

tru feb

“The greater impact of the transportation programme is in the development of skills, including the truck drivers and their assistants who have learnt the workings of specialised abnormal trucks and trailers.

Considering that this industry is in its infancy, these people now have the skills and experience to take advantage of the job opportunities that the industry will offer for years to come,” concluded Pickering.

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