Rolling black outs looming for SA

Eskom has released a statement pleading with customers to reduce demand due to the “severely constrained” national power system. The state unity also said there were outages across a number of its generating units.

power lines

This is of great concern. It seems as though South Africa is yet again on the brink of major black-outs which would be disastrous for our economy in general and job creation in particular.

South Africa also needs to know what is happening with the Medupi power station and when exactly it will come online. Already the project has been delayed three times, and the costs have increased from R91.2 to over R100 billion.

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In order to grow the economy and create jobs, South Africa needs a stable electricity supply. We simply cannot afford any more black-outs.

We also cannot afford any more delays at the Medupi power station or unscheduled downtime at other power stations like Koeberg as another black winter looms for South Africa.

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