Crime wave hits JBay over the weekend

Residents have reported a wave of crime in Jeffreys Bay that saw houses being broken into as well as a motor vehicle being vandalised over the weekend.

crime scene

The Jeffreys Bay Police were quick to respond and were on the scene of the crimes almost immediately.

The victims of the house breaking’s were unharmed, but the young man who tried to stop the criminals from breaking into his mother’s car was attacked.

“My son tried to apprehend the criminal and a fight broke out. Then my son was attacked from behind by the other criminal who hit him with a brick. There was blood everywhere”, said the resident.

Later on Sunday, the woman spotted one of the thieves in Da Gama road, and phoned the Police, who couldn’t respond, apparently because they did not have a vehicle on hand.

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“We followed the suspect to the Engen garage, where he collapsed. My son had managed to hit him during the fight at my car and I think he had lost some blood.

The ambulance then took the suspect to the Police Station, and he was then transferred to hospital. Unfortunately there were too many finger prints on my car, so I am unsure if the Police will carry on with the case,” added the resident.

Other reports on social media indicate that a house in Nautilas Road, C-Place as well as a house in Myrtle Street were broken into.

Unfortunately, the local Police cannot give residents information about how many houses are being broken into due to a moratorium being placed on the release of crime statistics by their National Head Office.


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