Cape Argus does not need sanction from Cycling South Africa

In a landmark case that is likely to affect sports like road running, the Western Cape High Court on Friday found that organisers of the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour were not legally required to run the events under the sanction of the national federation, Cycling South Africa (CSA).

cape argus cycle tour rider

Midway through last year, Cycling South Africa (CSA) claimed that all cycling events would have to be sanctioned by the national federation, including those run by the Pedal Power Association who organise the Cycle Tour.

This meant that all the riders competing in the Cycle Tour may be forced to pay licence fees to the national federation and CSA warned that if PPA failed to adhere to the rules, it could ban many of SA’s top riders from competing.

PPA responded by taking the matter to court and, in the judgement on Friday morning, acting judge KM Savage ruled against CSA with costs.

“It is declared that the applicant, the Pedal Power Association (PPA), does not require the prior sanction or approval of the first respondent, Cycling South Africa, or members of the first respondent, in respect of cycling events organised by the applicant, including fun rides or league rides,’ the judgement read.

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The judgement also means that PPA also does not need the sanction of CSA before it can work with provincial and local authorities in the organisation of the race.

(A copy of the judgement can be found here)

The ruling also has repercussions in sports like running, where all runners are forced to either pay an annual fee or a temporary licence, whenever they run an event under the auspices of the national federation, Athletics South Africa. –  Mike Finch