Kelly Slater Wins Volcom Pipe Pro in pumping surf

Eleven time world champion Kelly Slater  has won the Volcom Pipe Pro in epic, triple overhead barrels with a series of stunning performances that made the win seem inevitable from his first ride.

Kelly Slater won the Volcom Pipe Pro. Photo: ASP
Kelly Slater won the Volcom Pipe Pro. Photo: ASP

This was Slater’s 66th Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) tour win, his eighth victory at the Banzai Pipeline, and an inspiring start to his 24th season on the world tour.

Runner up, after a late charge in the final, was Brazil’s Wiggolly Dantas. Third place was local boy Mason Hoand fourth was Adriano De Souza.

Slater ended the event with five of the top 10 wave scores of the competition, including a perfect 10 (10, 9.83, 9.77, 9.73 and 9.53). He also owned the top heat score of the event – 19.77 out of 20, posted in the Round of 32 this-morning.

Clearly, Slater’s multiple hands-free late drops and torquing bottom turns into the barrel were a step up from what we even saw here in December, when he won the Pipe Masters. His trajectory of improvement in this sport continues to climb as he pushes his own limits from session to session.

“This was some of the best Pipe I’ve ever surfed in my life,” said Slater. “There were some really gnarly, intense, kind of vicious waves this morning. It was really doubling up, a new swell, it was a little bit wonky.

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Core Surf

The Volcom Pipe Pro is an special event for the local Hawaiian competitors, being that it is the official Pipe Masters Qualifier. The top eight Hawaiian competitors in the Volcom Pipe Pro will be rewarded with local seeds into the 2014 event, which is part of the Triple Crown series and wraps up the ASP World Tour in December.

Yesterday the JBU Surf Club announced that the JBay Open of Surfing has been awarded a 5A PST rating by Surf South Africa, making it the highest rated officially sanctioned event in South Africa.

The JBay Open will take place from 10-20 July at Supertubes and has replaced the Billabong Pro after the surf company pulled their sponsorship from Jeffreys Bay.

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