DA march on Luthuli House to go ahead

Democracy and the right to assemble in South Africa will be put to the test next week in Johannesburg.

At a meeting with the Johannesburg Metro Police yesterday, the DA secured the right to march for six million REAL jobs in Johannesburg next week on Wednesday 12 February.

The Democratic Alliance marches for jobs in South Africa.
The Democratic Alliance marches for jobs in South Africa.

“We have stated all along that we will march legally and peacefully. There is nothing provocative about this. The only thing we aim to provoke is a debate over who has the best plan to create jobs.

Is it Jacob Zuma’s ANC with it bogus promise of 6 million public works placements? Or is it the DA’s plan to create 6 million permanent REAL jobs by 2025 through sustainable economic growth?”, said Helen Zille

However,  the ANC yesterday said that it cannot be held responsible for any violence because it is not in charge of the march. Yesterday, several ANC members gathered outside Luthuli House were spotted with rocks, bricks and tazers.

It is ironic that the ANC were allowed to gather illegally in the streets yesterday after the Johannesburg Metro Police refused the right for DA to march peacefully.

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Luthuli House was the scene of what was to become known as the Shell House Massace when 20 000 Inkatha Freedom Party supporters  marched to Shell House on 28 March 1994  in protest against the upcoming elections that the IFP was intending to boycott.

Shell House was subsequently renamed Luthuli House.

ANC security guards opened fire, killing nineteen people. At the time, guards claimed that the IFP supporters were storming the building, or that they had received a tip-off that this was planned.

The Nugent Commission of Inquiry into the killings rejected this explanation. The commission’s conclusion was that the shooting by ANC guards was unjustified.