SABC lacks skills for digital migration

The shocking state of skill availability at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) – from executive management down – was laid bare before Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Communications yesterday.

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An independent skills audit conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) revealed that the SABC does not have the appropriate skill levels to successfully transition to digital broadcasting before the international deadline of June 2015.

The independent audit report also revealed the following:

60% of executive and senior managers do not meet the minimum strategic thinking skills for executives;
56% were unable to demonstrate adequate levels in solving problems and making decisions;
15% demonstrated only marginal competence in strategic thinking; and
35% of the group did not consider the financial information provided to them as a skills test during the audit.

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Staff respondents stated that they “do not trust the management team or the Board. They question the credibility of the board and in general demonstrate a negative attitude towards the organization which could negatively influence the total corporate culture.”

This clearly explains why the SABC – which generated R6,6 billion in 2013 – received as disclaimer of opinion, the worst possible rating from the Auditor-General last year and why it continuously fails to meet its targets laid down by National Treasury as conditions for the loan guarantee needed for its strategic turnaround.

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