Hector Pieterson’s sister joins the DA

The sister of Hector Pieterson, the boy whose image made headlines of the Soweto uprising , Lulu Pieterson, has joined the DA, the party said on Thursday.

Maimane Pietersen
“Lulu joins the DA at a historic time in our nation’s struggle for a better life,” Democratic Alliance spokesman Mmusi Maimane said in a speech prepared for delivery at the party’s honouring of Hector at his memorial in Soweto.

“In our discussions, Lulu expressed confidence that the DA is the party to take South Africa forward. Like so many others, she is disillusioned with the corruption of [President] Jacob Zuma’s ANC that reserves the best opportunities for the connected few.”

Hector was killed when police opened fire on protesting students in Soweto on June 16, 1976.

A photograph of the shot and dying schoolboy being carried by another student during the Soweto uprising was published around the world.

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Mmusi said the move by Lulu to join the DA was a symbolic moment.

“This day shows that we are transcending the old divisions and creating a new political movement to bring positive change. We are realigning politics so that all South Africans may realise the promise of 1994,” he said.

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