Stop the slaughter of dolphins

On January 17, 2014, Japanese citizens living in the city of Taiji, Japan drove in and captured approximately 250 wild Bottlenose Dolphins.

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After a night with no food, they proceeded to kidnap select dolphins for the captive dolphin trade.The first Dolphin to be kidnapped away from it’s family, was a rare albino dolphin, that at it’s young age, was solely dependant on it’s mother and family pod for it’s survival.

After the kidnapping, the mother of this rare dolphin was seen spy-hopping for thirty minutes, looking for her child, before committing suicide by drowning out of sheer grief.

At the end of the first day, they continued to hold these sentient, sensitive, family-oriented dolphins for another night, withholding food for a second day, constituting animal abuse.

The second day of these tortured Dolphins captivity brought more manhandling and kidnapping, taking only the prettiest of juveniles away from their families for a lifetime of slavery to human entertainment. At the end of this day, the Dolphins were given no food, once again.

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The third day of the kidnapping process found these dolphins starving, stressed, dehydrated and completely traumatized, as once again, the Japanese continued to manhandle them in order to break these families apart for the captive dolphin entertainment industry.

At the end of this barbaric day, the Japanese are, at this writing, still holding these poor creatures with no food.

Four days being denied food is animal abuse. Kidnapping the babies away from their mothers and families is animal abuse. Running over these pods of dolphins with their outboard motors is animal abuse.

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Allowing these dolphins to get caught in their nets struggling for air to breathe is animal abuse.

I am asking you to revoke Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Hosting Status based on these facts. Hosting an Olympics is considered an honour of great standing. Japan has shown that it does not deserve to bestowed this honour in light of the actions of it’s citizens.

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy criticizes the actions of these Japanese citizens, along with a host of celebrities as well as citizens around the world.

In honouring Tokyo with this status, you tell the world that the International Olympic Committee is not listening to what the International community is saying about this horrific travesty against life and liberty.

Whether it animal or human, the citizens of the world are telling you that this is a crime against nature and the environment, and we will not tolerate it any further.

Please reconsider the Olympic city, and take an ethical stand against animal abuse, torture, and the denying of liberties that these wild animals are entitled to.

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Veronica Wolsk