Two people killed in East London farm attack

East London police have arrested three suspects following a double murder on maize farms in Gulu outside the city.

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Police spokesperson, captain Stephen Marais says the incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning when the suspects, aged between 27 and 33, attacked three family members of a 76-year-old farm owner.

He says one person, a relative of the farm owner was killed while two other relatives were injured and admitted to hospital.

Marais also says that the body of a 54-year-old farm worker with a gunshot wound was found later on an adjoining property which is also overseen by the same farmer.

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The suspects are due to appear in the East London Magistrates court on Monday.

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Five farm attacks have taken place during the last four days in South Africa, according to civil rights group Afriforum, who warn that South African farmers may be in for a tough year as the escalation of farm murders and attacks continue and even worsen into 2014.

Source: Algoa FM

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