Zuma scores F on Cabinet score card

Every year the DA scores cabinet ministers as well as President Zuma based on performance during the preceding year.

Jacob Zuma

It is clear that South Africa is facing a crises under the leadership of Zuma.

The DA Cabinet Report Card shows that President Zuma has presided over some of the worst crises in democratic South Africa.
These include the following:

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  • Corruption has sky-rocketed, costing the tax-payer an estimated R30 billion a year.
  • Our criminal justice system has been manipulated to prevent President Zuma from facing trial. The DA has been embroiled in a court battle for years in order to get the record of decision that was used to drop over 700 charges of corruption against President Zuma. However, his lawyers – at the expense of South Africa’s taxpayers – have delayed the matter and appealed to every court in the land to prevent the Spy Tapes from being released to the DA.
  • The war against crime has been hampered by poor leadership as leaders in the independent institutions of the state have been selected for being politically connected to President Zuma. In addition, President Zuma took a year to appoint a permanent head of the Special Investing Unit and a National Director of Public Prosecutions.

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  • Police brutality has spiraled out of control even after the horrific events which unfolded at Marikana in 2012. Citizens no longer feel that the police are there to protect them. Instead, they feel the need to be protected from the police.
  • Crucially, and most tragically, President Zuma has presided over a weak economy that is lagging behind most of our peers in Africa and around the globe. South Africans have paid the price for the President’s dithering on economic policy, with over 1.3 million jobs lost since he took office.


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