Correctional Services blows R 98 million on bonuses

S'bu_NdebeleThe Department of Correctional Services has dished out a total of R98 million in bonuses, despite having only achieving 40 of the 102 planned targets for the 2012/13 financial year, a reply to a DA parliamentary question has revealed.

According to the department’s 2012/13 annual report, some of the targets the Department of Correctional Services failed to achieve include:

• Implementation of the correctional facilities rationalization plan;
• Ensuring offenders with approved parole dates complete pre-release programmes;
• Ensuring that grievances are handled within 30 days;
• Providing adequate waiting areas for members of the public, with information pamphlets;
• Installations of intercom systems in all Remand Detention Facilities;
• Maintenance of food services equipment;
• Providing a functional virtual Corrections Learning and Development Academy; and
• Implementing of appropriate work shift models.

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There are many outstanding officials in the Department who go above and beyond the call of Duty. However, R98 million in bonuses for a department that failed to meet most of its targets raises a few eyebrows, and certainly some questions.

Correctional Services Minister, S’bu Ndebele must provide justification for these bonuses in light of this poor performance.