South Africa not fooled by Nkandla Report

The press briefing yesterday by the Security Cluster on the release of the Public Works Task Team Report on Nkandla was the clearest indication yet of the extent to which President Zuma’s ‘fixers’ will go to protect him from being held accountable.


South Africans will see through this poorly disguised ruse to ‘clear’ President Zuma and provide shoddy, and at times ridiculous, explanations for the expenditure of public money on inexplicable luxuries.

This includes the frankly ludicrous attempt to explain the need for a ‘chicken run’, a ‘cattle kraal’, the movement of the tuck-shop, and the ‘fire-pool’.

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It is in an insult to all South Africans, and a smack in the face of real accountability.

The fact that the report is now in the public domain is welcomed, but the report must now be fully interrogated for its accuracy, the process undertaken in its compilation, and especially, who was questioned and interviewed.

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