Earthquake in Johannesburg

A magnitude 4 earthquake struck Johannesburg on Monday morning, the Council for Geoscience said.


The earthquake occurred before 10am, with a preliminary analysis detecting the centre of the shock near the University of Johannesburg.

“We have not received any report of damage or injuries related to the tremor one hour following the earthquake,” the city’s Emergency Management Services (EMS) said.

Many residents felt slight vibrations as the tremor occurred in Johannesburg.

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“Yes, I can feel it, but [it was] just a little bit,” Vicky, a resident in Johannesburg.

Some people felt a strong move of the ground, and some people did not even notice it happened.

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The first recorded damage-causing earthquake in South Africa took place in the small town of Koffiefontein in the central province of the Free State on 20 February 1912, measuring magnitude 6.2 on the Richter scale. – SAnews.gov.za-Xinhua