Who do you want as President: Zuma or Zille?

This is the question all South Africans need to ask themselves, heading into the national election in 2014.

Helen Zille from the DA has a proven track record in service delivery.
Helen Zille from the DA has a proven track record in service delivery.

It has become abundantly clear that under the reign of President Zuma, the ANC has lost its way and is floundering under the yoke of corruption, cronyism,incompetence and nepotism.

The latest allegation of the Zuma family illegally mining in Mpumalanga together with bed fellows the Gupta’s, has come as little surprise to South Africans.

Tax payers are burdened with Zuma’s legal fees in the Spy tape saga and the building of a R 200 million compound at Nkandla are just some of the issues South Africans have become accustomed to under President Zuma’s reign.

In the early years of democracy, the ANC did deliver houses for millions of people, electricity and water was laid on, schools were built but the legacy begun by Nelson Mandela has been eroded by the Zuma’s ANC.

The quality of construction of RDP houses has left many residents with houses that are falling apart, some without water and sewage and even some without electricity.

The National Department of Human Settlements has had to budget another R58 billion (equivalent to about 600 000 new housing  opportunities) to rectify these houses.

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The national backlog has widened to at least 2 million and the rate of delivery has fallen to around 100 000 per year, about half of what it was for the first seven years of the national housing  programme (1994 -2001).  

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What President Zuma’s ANC has further failed to achieve, is to provide jobs for the poor. It is one thing to have a home and quite another to maintain and improve it.

The next phase in South Africa’s fledgling democracy must be to provide an economic climate that will see the growth of the workforce in our country.

Anything less is not good enough. Helen Zille has proved in the Western Cape that the DA’s policies work. It is time for change in South Africa.

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