Unemployment entrenched at 35 % in the past year

jobsThe Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) released yesterday indicates that unemployment has become entrenched at more than 35% over the past year.

The new jobs created in the third quarter are almost completely neutralised by the increase in the size of the labour force and an increase of 70 000 jobseekers who have given up looking over the period.

The report further shows that 3.3 million young South Africans are not in employment, education or training.

In total 6.8 million South Africans are unemployed or have given up looking for work.

In 2009, 5.8 million people were unemployed or already gave up looking for work. Today, one million more people are unemployed than at the start of President Zuma’s term in office.

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There appears to be a lack of urgency or buy in from the Government to implement the National Development Plan.

Citizens of South Africa have a choice to make in 2014. Either vote for the status quo – or vote for change and for economic development under a new government.

Stephen Bibb Art

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