Surfers chased out of water in JBay

A large shark chased surfers out of the water at Point on Saturday morning, raising concerns about the level of shark activity in Jeffreys Bay at present.

Point. Photo: David Higgs
Point. Photo: David Higgs

Fishermen have reported that big cob are being caught off the beach as well as from boats in the bay and that several sharks have been spotted.

The latest incident occurred just two weeks after open water swimmer Burgert Van Der Westhuizen was attacked and killed by a shark at Point.

It is not possible to confirm if it is the same shark that that is involved in both incidents.

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The waves were very small on Saturday morning and when the shark approached the surfers in the water, they were able to scramble over the rocks to safety without anybody getting hurt.

The Jeffreys Bay Surf Lifesaving Club remains on high alert and ocean users are advised to be cautious when going surfing or swimming.

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