Landslide victory for DA in Port Elizabeth bi-election

The DA romped home to a stunning victory in yesterday’s bi-eection in Ward 5 of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality.

Kouga Councillor Nico Botha in Port Elizabeth yesterday.
Kouga Councillor Nico Botha in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

The DA candidate, Morné Steyn, polled 2 302 votes which is 94,5% of the vote, up from 85% in 2011.

The ANC polled 108 votes, dropping from 12% in 2011 to 4,5%.

The UDM received a meagre 24 votes. There were 18 spoiled papers.

The electorate has given the DA a massive show of confidence ahead of the 2014 elections and with continued swing the DA is well positioned to take the Metro in 2016.

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With two bi-elections coming up in Kouga on 27 November, there might well be a change in local government coming up for local residents.


Should the DA win both elections, they will take control of the Kouga.

Early indications are that there is a swing towards the DA, particularly in Hankey where the residents have had enough of the lack of service delivery in the Gamtoos Valley.

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