Memorial service for swimmer on Thursday

burgertThe family of open water swimmer Burgert Van Der Westuizen, who was tradically killed by a shark at Point last Friday have announced that a memorial service will be held for him.

According to Burgert’s wishes, there will be an informal service held at the Lower Point car park in Tecoma Street on Thursday morning at 10 am.

All of Burgert’s friends as well as the wider community are invited to attend.

The Kouga Municipality has opened the beaches in Jeffreys Bay as there has been no sign of the shark that attacked Burgert.

Surfers have been back in the water over the past two days without any incident.

Shark experts think that the Great White shark has in all probability left our waters already.

The attack on Burgert was the first fatal shark attack ever in Jeffreys Bay.

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This incident occurred nearly 40 years after the first ever Great White shark attack in the greater St Francis Bay when David Robertson was bitten on 17 August 1975 while surfing Seal Point.

His left leg and surfboard were bitten by a 2.4 m Great White.

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The first recorded incident in Jeffreys Bay occurred in 1989 when Koffie Jacobs was bumped off his surfboard which was bitten in what was probably an exploratory bite.

The attack on Burgert was the third time injuries were inflicted by a Great White shark on a human being in our waters.

The first occurred in 1989 when a surfer was attacked at Supertubes, followed by an attack on a body boarder at Point in 1998. Burgert is the first open water swimmer to be attacked by a shark off Jeffreys Bay.

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