Fatal Shark attack in Jeffreys Bay

11 October 2013

A beautiful summer’s morning that saw the JBay Surf Lifesaving Club doing training swims at Main Beach and surfers snorkelling or paddling along the coast, turned out to be fatal to one of the JBay open water swimmers who was attacked by a shark at Point earlier today.

A fatal shark attack took place at Point today. Photo: Hurley
A fatal shark attack took place at Point today. Photo: Hurley

Eye witnesses saw a commotion just beyond the take off spot at Point and eventually a shark was spotted attacking a body in the water.

One of the local surfers, Terry Olivier paddled out on a craft to see what was going on and found a 3-4 m shark taking bites from the swimmer.

Terry hit the shark with his paddle but it just kept on attacking the victim. The shark was much longer than his paddle craft.

The NSRI responded and the shark eventually moved away. The professional manner in which the NSRI went about their business is much appreciated by all of Jeffreys Bay.

The name of the swimmer has not yet been released.

The JBay ocean community is in shock over the incident as many of them swim along the coastline on a regular basis and Point is one of the most popular surf breaks in town.

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Local swimmer Brenton Williams said that it is the first fatal shark attack to ever have occurred in Jeffreys Bay.

“The attack happened just off Point and there are a crew of swimmers who regularly swim this section of coastline, said Williams.

“We are all aware of the risks involved with ocean swimming and the danger of a shark attack is something we cannot control but we do minimise the risk by not swimming if there are birds and dolphins feeding or if sharks have been spotted in the area.”

“The swimmer who was attacked today was a highly experienced ocean swimmer and swam along the coast more than anybody else in Jeffreys Bay”, added Williams.

The Kouga Municipality took the precautionary measure of closing the beach.

Our deep condolences to the family and friends.

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