Everybody loves Nando’s

Between 15 March and 18 April this year, the Municipality of Mahikeng (Mafikeng) spent R 132 585 of municipal money on Nando’s food.


The municipality is not able to provide any documentation for this expenditure, nor is it able to provide a reason for purchasing such large quantities of Nando’s in such a short period of time.

Since there is no documentation of this expenditure, the Auditor General is unfortunately also not able to determine who is responsible for these purchases.

Spending R132 585 on Nando’s in 35 days means that:

* The municipality spent R 3789 on Nando’s, on average, per day during that period.
* The municipality bought up to 4434 chicken burgers, 947 family pack meals or 4928 quarter chickens.

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“This is an unacceptable waste of taxpayer’s money. The money should rather be spent on delivering services like water, electricity, housing and roads to make life better for the people of Mahikeng” said Chris Hattingh, the DA Leader in North West.

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Everyone loves Nando’s. But politicians and council employees earn salaries and must buy it for themselves.

Public money must be spent on service delivery, not Nando’s for politicians and officials.

“If the AG is unable to get to the bottom of this, the DA will submit a request to the Public Protector to investigate, added Hattingh.