Another car accident in JBay

Noorsekloof Road is fast gaining a reputation for being a dangerous road, despite the fact that there are no major bends or other obstacles that could cause accidents.

jbay car accident ee

Yet another accident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, at the intersection of Noorsekloof and Dogwood roads. Luckily nobody was fatally injured in the incident.

However, local resident Elmarie Erasmus has the unpleasant task of having to fix her gate and wall, which was destroyed by the motor car after the driver lost control and smashed into her property.

“I never really heard the car, but just a loud bang and for a moment I thought that two cars had collided, but there was no sound of anyone braking.

I phoned Smhart Security and then went outside to have a look. I was shocked that I could see right through to the street where my gate was and loud music was still playing in the car”, said Erasmus.

“It seems that they drove up up Noorsekloof Road, thus driving on the left hand side of the road and before even getting to the stop street, the driver must have swerved to the right and into my wall, taking my gate with it” added Erasmus.

Residents believe that more law enforcement needs to be carried out in Noorsekloof.

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“The road is a race track and I have requested that the Traffic Department do something about it, but there has been no response”, said Erasmus.

With the death of a young man last weekend, and yet another accident this weekend, it is clear that something needs to be done to protect the lives and property of local residents.


Whilst it is not known whether alcohol played any part in either accident, it is perturbing that only 67 drink driving arrests were made in Jeffreys Bay from April 2012 – March 2013.

This figure is steadily decreasing from a high of 99 arrests in 2011.

We need more traffic officers patrolling on the weekends, especially after 12 am, when inebriated drivers start heading home, placing themselves and others at risk.