Jbay is a renewable energy hub

The massive wind turbines being transported along the N2 have become a common site in the Kouga and this is set to continue for quite some time to come.

The transport schedule for the rest of August can be found below:

Wind farm traffic schedule Aug

The Jeffreys Bay region is slowly but surely becoming an energy hub in South Africa, particularly when it comes to renewable energy.

There are also plans to build a highly controversial nuclear power plant at Thyspunt, which is being opposed by many grassroots community associations, as well as the local fishing industry, which believes the pumping of massive amounts of sand into the ocean will affect the chokka breeding grounds.

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The wind farms that are in the process of being constructed or who have applied for permission to build are:

• Red Cap: 32 turbines R 8 bill
• Mainstream: 60 turbines R 15 bill
• RES 69: 62 turbines R 15.5
• Ubuntu: 54 turbines R 15.5
• Happy Valley: 15 turbines R 3.75

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