Meet the locals – Stevo Kneelo

The 2013 JBay Winterfest had something for everyone. From extreme swimming in 12 degree water at Marina Martinque (without wetsuits) to surfing Supertubes with just 4 guys in the lineup during the JBay Open of Surfing.

Stevo: Photo by Vasti Visser
Stevo: Photo by Vasti Visser

Throw in a Mountain Bike race through the farms of the Kouga, a trial run along the Supertubes beach, a funduro, fishing competition and a first ever in South Africa: a unique skating event.

The local skaters had been amping for the Core Downhill Sokkie Jol for months and nobody was more keen than long time JBay local Stephan van der Watt, more commonly known as Stevo Kneelo.

Stevo grew up in Jbay and got into kneeboarding while still at school at Nico Malan. This is how he earned the nickname of “Kneelo”.

Stevo supertubes

“All the years there has been a local that kneeboarded and Jakkie Maarschalk was probably the first, so I am just continuing with the tradition”, said Stevo.

“I took a lot of flack for not standing up and surfing like most of the guys but what they don’t understand is every barrel I get is triple overhead and sometimes even bigger when you down on your knees. So I kind of always had the last laugh”, added Stevo.

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However, its Stevo’s foray into skateboarding that has brought him international fame and glory.

Core Surf

When he didn’t qualify as one of the team members of the Core Skate Team, Stevo bypassed the system and went to work for Core Surf n Skate, thereby making sure he had an entry into the Downhill Sokkie Jol.

Action speaks louder than words so click the link and watch Stevo Kneelo in action captured on video by Silver Bullet Productions.

Rumour has it that Hollywood is the next on Stevo’s bucket list. He is still available to sign autographs at the Core Surf Shop in St Croix Street until his visa gets approved.

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