Home invasion caught on CCTV

Armed home invasions are traumatic experiences and unfortunately occur with some regularity in South Africa. Hillcrest resident Ryan Sutherland was assaulted with knives when he confronted attackers in his garden one evening after dark.

His security camera picked up the following footage, which is not recommended for sensitive viewers.

So what can people do to prevent themselves from becoming targets?

According to the South Africa 2012 OSAC Crime and Safety Report, on a rating scale of low, medium, high, and critical, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town are rated “critical” for crime.

The crimes range from from petty muggings and ATM scams to armed residential home invasions. These crimes occur with great frequency and throughout every neighborhood in South Africa.

Of particular concern for South Africa residents are home invasion robberies. These crimes are often violent in nature and can occur at any time of the day.

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In many cases, criminals prefer the occupant is home because the residential alarm is off and the occupant can identify where valuables are located.

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Measures to combat home invasions should include several layers of residential security including perimeter walls, alarms, and grills on windows.

Vehicle gates should also be equipped with anti-lift brackets, as criminals have been known to use crowbars and pneumatic jacks to lift gates off their tracks.

Fortunately in Jeffreys Bay, very little violent crime is committed when homes are broken into. Wavecrest still remains a hot spot for house robberies/burglaries in Jeffreys Bay.

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