Spring Day Spinnathon for JBay

The first Edge Spring day Spinnathon will take place on Saturday, 31 August at the basketball court at Dolphin Beach in Diaz Road, Jeffreys Bay.

Sue Smit, Rob Hendry and Anne de Swart getting ready for the Spinnathon
Sue Smit, Rob Hendry and Anne de Swart getting ready for the Spinnathon

The aim of the Spinnathon is to raise funds for at least one protection vest for the Humansdorp Police K9 dog Unit.

In order to attract more than just a fitness enthusiastic crowd we have invited the K9-Unit to host an exhibition with a performance from the handlers and their trusted K9-partners.

“We hope to raise awareness on the importance of a K9-protection vest, as it take months, even years to train a K-9 to trust and listen to their handlers. Just once fatal incident due to no protection vest can take away all the training, time and money that was put into the training of the dog” said Cara-Lee Scheun from Edge Fitness Club.

The spinnathon will run for three hours with a side serving of aerobics and cross-fit classes. For the spinnathon, an entrance fee of R30 for 30 minutes and R150 for a team of three for the full three hours will be required, and seats are limited. Donations will be asked for the aerobics and cross-fit class.

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The spinnathon will start at 07:00 and run through until 10:00. The aerobics class will start at 08:00 and is open to all ages and all fitness levels, as it will be a relaxed stretch class to warm up to the cross-fit class, which will follow at 09:15.

Cross-fit is a 45min non-stop moving class, and is a good way to put your fitness to the test.

Everyone is invited to join the action from 07:00, as there will be lots of give-aways and the K9-Unit show will start at 10:15.

For entries please visit the ‘Edge Fitness Clubs’ Facebook page or contact Cara-Lee Scheun on 042 293 1342 or email her at: [email protected]

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