Humansdorp residents live in squalor

Some residents of Humansdorp’s resident live in shacks, their streets are filthy, they don’t have electricity, and they do have a make-shift bucket toilet system.

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The people of Polla Park in KwaNomzamo have already given the municipality a petition listing all their complaints, but after several protest marches, the Kouga Municipality is ignoring the call from Polla Park for basic services and houses.

Over the weekend, it was agreed that a new petition will be drawn up and given to the DA to deliver to Noxolo Kiviet, the Premier of the Eastern Cape.

In Shukushukuma, another informal settlement in KwaNomzamo people have lived in dire circumstances for more than 10 years and Kouga Municipality is ignoring their demands for service delivery.

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Their previous petition, which was handed in with the Polla Park cry for basic services and housing, has also been ignored.

“It is shocking that residents in the Kouga are forced to live in such conditions. The DA has promised to hand over their petition to the Premier as well”, said Elza Van Lingen, the leader of the DA in Kouga, who visited the residents together with DA shadow councillor for Polla Park, Juline Prinsloo.

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