Nationalisation without compensation says Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom Fighters have revealed their founding manifesto and without surprize, expropriation of land and nationalisation (both without compensation) feature as the key economic strategies of EFF.

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For the South African struggle, the EFF have identified 7 pillars for economic emancipation:

a. Expropriation of South Africa’s land without compensation for equal redistribution in use.

b. Nationalisation of mines, banks, and other strategic sectors of the economy, without compensation.

c. Building state and government capacity, which will lead to the abolishment of tenders.

d. Free quality education, healthcare, houses, and sanitation.

e. Massive protected industrial development to create millions of sustainable jobs, including the introduction of minimum wages in order to close the wage gap between the rich and the poor, close the apartheid wage gap and promote rapid career paths for Africans in the workplace.

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f. Massive development of the African economy and advocating for a move from reconciliation to justice in the entire continent.

g. Open, accountable, corrupt-free government and society without fear of victimisation by state agencies.

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The EFF describes itself as a radical, leftist, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movement with an internationalist outlook anchored by popular grassroots formations and struggles. The red beret is the signature headgear of the EFF.

The manifesto states that the EFF recognises that, despite temporary victories in this or that battle, Africans were defeated, humiliated, and enslaved by colonial settlers, thereby symbolising colonial victory over the indigenous people of the South African territory.

There is obviously no place for the Rainbow Nation amongst the Economic Freedom Fighters.

The EFF founding manifesto can be found here

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