Unique LED Skateboarding Night Show lights up Jeffreys Bay

More than 2,000 spectators witnessed a South African first night skating event with skateboarders carving through the dark dressed in special LED light suits and skateboards.

Arbor smoke and mirrors new
Photo: Paul Van Jaarsveld

The Smoke and Mirrors presented by Arbor Skateboards and Silver Bullet Productions featured a commercial shoot for Arbor Skateboards, complete with billowing smoke, headlights and special paint dust that kicked up an amazing display as South Africa’s top skateboarders finished their carving run with a steep slide turn called a puckdown slide.
Wayne de Lange, director of Silver Bullet, set up the shoot using customised suits with strips of bright LED lights sown into legs, arms, over running helmets and even stuck on skateboards.

Core Surf

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De Lange said that the spectacle was a South African first, not so much by virtue of the individual elements of the evening, but because all the elements are being brought together and its being done properly.
Red, white, blue and green neon-lined ‘aliens’ loomed from the smoke and dust in the dark, as camera-laden booms, vehicles and other riders whizzed down the hill in front or behind them.
The smoke billowed, the eerie lights flew down the course, and the audience lining the street cheered and hooted as music pumped from the Red Bull DJ truck halfway up the hill.
“It was quite a vibe. While we were filming, it was also an excuse for everyone to have fun. Skating in the dark. How cool was that?”, added de Lange.

The Smoke and Mirrors took just after the sun set and was part of the inaugural Jeffreys Bay Winter Festival and lasted for two hours.

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