Police anti corruption unit to be re-established

The DA welcomes the announcement by National Police Commissioner, Riah Phiyega, that the anti-corruption unit within the South African Police Service will be re-established.

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The SAPS must once again take a zero tolerance approach to corruption within the service and we trust this unit will go a long way to achieving that.

The reality is that disgraced former National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi closed down the existing and extremely effective SAPS Anti-Corruption Unit in 2002.

This should never have been allowed to happen in the first place, and since then corruption and criminality have flourished within the SAPS.

This week, a study by Transparency International found that 83% of South Africans surveyed thought the police were corrupt. This is not how South Africans should view the police service, but they have had just cause.

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On a daily basis we are given reports of corruption within the SAPS and this must be eradicated with the greatest possible speed by this unit.

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SAPS must do a clean sweep of corrupt and criminal officers so it is able to refocus once again on its primary responsibility of tackling crime.

South Africa needs and deserves a professional police service which it can trust.