Skating events today in JBay

Sector9 presents the skate event of the JBay Winter Fest.

Core skate

This event is a skate course with cones and ramps and other obstacles, and the skaters are aiming for the best time possible.

It will take place today and is set to take place on Sable Street in Jeffreys Bay, which is where the BP Garage can be found. Starting time is 10 am.

It’s not only about the downhill racing. There will also be a demo slide jam that night, after the race has taken place. Bring your old disco clothing to the event because there is a prize for best dressed.

Everyone is welcome to take part, and non-skaters are invited to come and hang out at the event and join the festivities. There will also be plenty of cool giveaways throughout the event for skaters and spectators alike.

Some of the prizes on offer at the Core Downhill Sokkie Jol are Highest Jump; Best Disco Dress, Downhill Race Winner, Worst Wipe Out and Longest Slide. There is over R5000 cash prize money and lots of giveaways.

The skate event is set to be a popular event of the festival, and longboard skating in South Africa is a growing sport with huge nation-wide appeal.

For more information contact Koffie Jacobs on [email protected] or Core Surf and Skate Shop on 042 293-3133

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Arbor Smoke and Mirrors

As the sun sets it will be time for Smoke and Mirrors, which is a downhill skating exhibition presented by Arbor. The flash event will take place as the sun goes down and will last about 2 hours.

It will feature some of South Africa’s most progressive skateboarders putting on a display of experimentation whilst pushing the boundaries.

The Night Skating concept will be a true visual experience, with the whole event being primarily lit by motorcar headlights.

To add to the theatrics of the event LED lights and other effects will be used to further accentuate the visual experience.

The event will take place on Friday 12 June, starting at 5.00pm in Sable Street, Jeffreys Bay. The same hill as the Core Downhill Sokkie Jol – just later.

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