Occy eliminated in JBay Open of Surfing

Early morning onshore conditions at Supertubes cleaned up yesterday, and the 3rd and 4th mens quarterfinals were sent out into the highly contestable three to four-foot conditions.

Ricky Basnett. Photo: Kody McGregor
Ricky Basnett. Photo: Kody McGregor

The first heat in the water saw the biggest upset of the event take place with former world champion Australian Mark Occhilupo being eliminated along with Simon Fish by an on-form Ricky Basnett and Greg Emslie.

Ricky, the 2006 Mr Price Pro winner and a former World Championship Tour competitor, found the waves to his liking and took to the skies for an inspired and high-scoring performance, throwing up huge airs and big carves for the best scores of the heat. Winning the heat with relative ease, Ricky was looking relaxed throughout.

“It’s the first contest I’ve surfed in about two years, and I’m just out there having some fun,” said Ricky of his performance. “I’m not taking it too seriously, and I’m totally relaxed in the water, which seems to be working for me. The waves were a little disjointed out there and I couldn’t really see any opportunities to link turns and combinations, so I just went for the big punts when I could.”

Greg Emslie SB
Greg Emslie. Photo by Stan Blumberg

Ricky was on a board that really seemed to be working well on the waves of Supertubes. “I’m riding a little 5’9 round-tail board at the moment,” said Basnett on his equipment. “I’ve been riding it all over the place but it really felt good out at Supers.”

The girls semi-finals were next in the water, and Nikita Robb and Tanika Hoffman advanced through the first semi, with a wave-starved Faye Zoetmulder eliminated from the event.

In the second semi-final Sarah Baum and Emma Smith advanced at the expense of Heidi Palmboom.

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With the increasing northerly wind causing the waves to rapidly deteriorate it was decided to put the event on hold and it was utimately called off for the day. The next call will be this morning at 07h30.

For those people in Jeffreys Bay, tonight sees the Arbor Longboard Exhibition, a night skating event that will be primarily lit by car headlights.

Core Surf

There will be LED lighting and other theatrics and it looks to be an exciting visual experience. The demonstration starts today at 5pm in Sable Street.

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