Elderly man stabbed in St Francis Bay robbery

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An elderly man was stabbed in the face during a scuffle with an intruder in his St Francis Bay house early yesterday morning.

St Francis Bay Police are now investigating a case of a house break-in and attempted murder after the man in his sixties was assaulted at his Majorca Road home in Santareme.

The man was stabbed in the face and sustained damage to his one eye.

According to the SAP the incident occurred at 4:30 am . The victim who has not been named awoke when he heard a noise. When he went to investigate he saw a suspect in one of the rooms busy trying to open the safe.

According to Calibre security, when the man, who is a permanet resident in the town, confronted the suspect, a struggle ensued and he was stabbed with a knife in his face. The suspect ran away.

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The victim was taken to Humansdorp hospital but was then transferred to a hospital in Port Elizabeth.

It is believed the knife damaged a tear duct in the man’s eye and he may need an operation to have that repaired.

The suspect is still at large.

Source: St Francis Bay Chronicle

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