Extreme swim for JBay Winter Fest

Some of the most extreme swimmers in South Africa will be gathering at Marina Martinique on Saturday morning to take on the challenge of a 7.5 km swim in sub 15 degree water.

Photo: RRAD Photography
Photo: RRAD Photography

These swimmers will be swimming according to Channel rules, which means they can only wear a speedo, swim cap and goggles.

A 2.5 km swim will cater for swimmers who wish to wear a wetsuit and for the traditional swimmers who are not yet sure if they can handle cold water for 7.5 km.

“We want to establish Marina Martinique as a legitimate cold water swim venue and the 7.5 K distance is the same as a Robben Island crossing so hopefully more Eastern Cape swimmers will take up the challenge once they realise that cold water swimming is possible”, said Brenton Williams, the organiser of the event.

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The swims will take from the Caranage at Marina Martinique, which is also the site of the new Infood Blu Café and Bistro, near the old shark aquarium.

Entries are open at www.swimmingplus.com

The opening function of the JBay Winter Fest will also take place at Infood Blu on Saturday morning.

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