Strange ship spotted off JBay

Jeffreys Bay ship JN

This ship, pictured by Joey Nel, caused consternation amongst local residents last week. It was spotted offshore, but well within the bay when big swells lashed the coastline.

Apparently the ship is top heavy due to the heavy duty cranes onboard but some locals believe it is a ship being used to conduct seismic tests off the coast of Jeffreys Bay.

Potential gas and oil deposits have been identified offshore between Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay and seismic tests were conducted recently.

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Environmentalists are concerned that the testing could affect the abundant sea life in the area, including dolphins and whales.

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About 50 raw samples were taken from the ocean floor during the testing.

The process involved the use of 2-D and 3-D surveys followed by the use of air guns.

The latter are towed by seismic vessels that will shoot dynamite direct on the sea bed, causing high level, low frequency sounds and explosions.

Should gas and oil be found off the JBay coastline, it will transform the region into South Africa’s leading producer of energy, with the possibility of a nuclear power plant being constructed at Thyspunt, also on the cards.

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