“Sewage motion” cast aside by Kouga Council

The sewage was thick and stunkThe Kouga Council last week voted against allowing a motion requesting a report be tabled detailing the problems with sewage in the area together with the costs of repairing the sewage infrastructure.

In a stormy Council meeting the motion, which was tabled by the Democratic Alliance was not even debated, leaving residents in Loerie, Jeffreys Bay, Ocean View, Aston Bay and Humansdorp in a situation where sewage spills will be on-going.

The reasons given by the ANC Councillors as to why the motion could not be debated were bizarre. One of the reasons given was that Brenton Williams, the DA Councillor who tabled the motion was not a ward Councillor and therefore did not have the authority to table such a motion.

However, the Rules of the Kouga Council make it clear that any Councillor has the right to table a motion.

Another reason given was that the DA is just trying to score political points and that a report has already being drawn up detailing the problems with the sewage infrastructure in the Kouga.

This viewpoint was dismissed by Brenton Williams, who said that the motion was intended to bring about service delivery in the Kouga.

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“Since 2011 when we were elected onto the Council, I have seen the number of sewage spills increase and a child has even drowned at the Humansdorp Sewage Works because there is no fence surrounding the ponds.

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It is wonderful to hear that there is a plan to upgrade out sewage infrastructure, but we need to match finances with the plan, get it onto the IDP and onto the current year budget so we can make a start in resolving the problems,” said Williams.

The upgrade to the Jeffreys Bay Sewage Plant will ensure that less untreated wastewater is released into the environment, but this will not solve the ongoing sewage spills on Main Beach, Ocean View and in Aston Bay.

Another motion tabled by DA Councillor Ben Rheeder was also dismissed by the ANC led Kouga Council who refused to debate the issue of pension fund payments.

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