Carry on swimming this winter

Kyle underwaterThere is no need to stop swim training or learn to swim as winter approaches.

Brenton’s Swim School continues with lessons at the Training Edge Gym in Jeffreys Bay, which has a heated indoor swimming pool that keeps the little swimmers warm during the cold times.

Continuity is important in the Learn to Swim journey and children assimilate knowledge through repetitive learning.

For example, the little swimmers swim like dolphins and like frogs every single lesson until they are comfortable moving through water unaided and using the basic swim strokes that will later develop into the real thing.

Learn to swim must be fun and there should be a lot of excitement on swimming days and even the counting of sleeps until it’s time to go for the swim lesson yet again.

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Tru march 13

Parents of the swim students are being offered two weeks free gym access plus a session with a personal trainer. Email [email protected] for more information or to apply for the special.

There are limited slots available for the new school term and a few new swimmers can be accommodated. Please email [email protected] for more information.

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