Extreme heat warning for Jeffreys Bay district

African sunrise webA heat wave warning has been issued for today for the Cacadu and Amathole Districts for very hot conditions and high discomfort levels .

This includes towns such as Uitenhage, Graaff Reinet, Cradock Adelaide, Grahamstown, Fort Beaufort, King Williams Town, Bisho, Hankey, Patensie and Humansdorp.



Temperature and humidity are high at the same time, humans ability to cool their bodies through sweating are reduced. This can be a real threat.

Precautions that can be taken:

Stay indoors in a cool room near a fan if possible

The old and infirm must take extra care

Listen to the radio or TV for warnings.

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Cease strenuous outdoor activity if advised

Avoid playing sport

Dress in light weight clothes

Drink plenty of liquids NOT alcohol

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The temperature in a motor-car can rise to more than 10 degrees higher than the outside temperature in just 10 minutes and 20 C in 30 minutes.

Do not leave pets or children in motor-cars, especially in hot conditions.

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