Beachfront home robbed in JBay

CrimeA well known local resident was robbed recently despite the efforts of the surf community and the South African Police to safeguard the beachfront along Lower Point.

“It seems to me that people are sleeping in the bushes near the Tecoma Street car park and they hide their stuff in the bushes nearby. I do not feel safe walking there anymore,” said the resident.

Earlier in February, the surf community joined forces with the Jeffreys Bay Police and did a sweep along the beachfront one evening to try prevent criminal elements using the bushes as a base to conduct criminal activities.

However, a house near the Point was broken into recently despite the efforts of the community and the Police.

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“I also had a break-in at my house week before last. They stole goods like cellphones, an iPad and a wallet with lots of cash money from my visitors from Isreal’, added the resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

At a recent Community Police Forum meeting, the Police told residents that crime had reduced in Jeffreys Bay compared to a similar time period in 2011. House breakings in Wavecrest are still a problem though, although the numder of incidents have decreased.

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