Mysterious crash in the ocean near Port Alfred

NSRI  wave runnerYesterday evening the NSRI Port Alfred volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of an aero plane crashed into the sea in Bihra, half way between East London and Port Alfred, in the vicinity of the Bihra River Mouth.

NSRI Port Alfred responded in their sea rescue vehicle towing their sea rescue craft to the scene and the SA Police Services and Multi Security (Port Alfred private security) responded.

The eye-witness appears to be convinced that an aero plane crashed into the sea, or in the vicinity of the shore front, in the area of the Bihra River Mouth and Police dealt with obtaining information and an account of the sighting from the eye-witness while NSRI Port Alfred, Police and Multi Security officers initiated a search which included ascending the highest hill top in the area to scour the search area.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and local airports and major airports around the country were alerted to investigate any signs of any aircraft overdue or missing and the SA Air Force were alerted.

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No reports of any aircraft overdue or missing are reported and there were no signs, by midnight, of any accident or crash landings or crash site of any aircraft or flying or falling objects in the area.

It remains unclear what the credible witness had seen – described as a sound like an aircraft and seeing an object plunge towards earth before disappearing out of sight but appearing to crash land and appearing to have resembled an aircraft.

The situation continues to be monitored and Police and NSRI Port Alfred and NSRI East London remain on alert.