Lack of accountability threatens EC Government

KievietThe Democratic Alliance has welcomed the commitment of the Eastern Cape Premier, Noxolo Kiviet, to the National Development Plan. What is also good news for the province is the number of projects that the Premier highlighted in her speech.

However, she failed to project the leadership vision that this province needs according to Bobby Stevenson from the DA.

“We were expecting her to crack the whip and usher in a new culture of accountability in the province” said Stevenson.

“She needed to spell out consequences for the 6 700 teachers who are refusing to move to schools where they are desperately needed, she failed to spell out consequences for civil servants who continue to do businesses with the state and loot our resources.

She failed to spell out consequences for those civil servants who continue to underspend”, he added.

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The Eastern Cape has lost 69 000 jobs in the last quarter of 2012, and no mention was made of the youth wage subsidy which could play a huge role in alleviating youth unemployment.

This is part of the National Development Plan and if the Eastern Cape is to change, bold and creative leadership that will put us on a new path to rising employment, falling crime, decent education and healthcare services is required.

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