No business deals for Public servants

DA poster 2011The Democratic Alliance has welcomed Public Service and Administration Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s proposal that civil servants be banned from conducting business with the state.

Minister Sisulu has emphasised that public servants will have to choose between serving the state and being in private business, and has stated that she is working on amending the Public Service Act to create such a law.

The DA has long called for such legislation to be implemented nationally in order to eradicate the corruption that occurs when state officials are allowed to conduct business with government.

In 2010, the DA-run Western Cape passed the Business Interests of Employees Bill, which enforces transparency and aims to root out corruption and cronyism in the public service by ensuring that restrictions are placed on state employees doing business with the state.

Over the past two years the national government has on several occasions indicated that it would follow suit, yet to date there has been no concrete action.

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Corruption has been allowed to flourish within the public service for far too long, resulting in precious state resources being appropriated by corrupt officials instead of going to communities desperately in need of services.

This cannot be tolerated any longer, and Minister Sisulu’s commitment is a promising first step in the right direction.

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