Who will pay for the food?

Councillor Ben Rheeder
Councillor Ben Rheeder
Yet another meeting with a high ranking government official failed to take place in the Kouga last week.

Kouga Councillors and officials had received an invitation from Mrs. Bashman, the Education District Director, Uitenhage, to attend an urgent meeting with the MEC for Education at Ramaphosa Hall in Patensie on 5 February at 10:00 am.

Upon arrival at the venue in Patensie, Councillors Eugene Groep and Ben Rheeder from the Democratic Alliance saw some of the Kouga ANC Councillors and Municipal officials going in and out a house on the other side of the road.

“A bystander mentioned that he was requested to arrange food for the visitors and the meeting would start later” said Councillor Rheeder.

“We waited at the Ramaphosa Hall until 12:15 pm and then left due to the fact no MEC or provincial government officials arrived at the hall.

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By this stage Members of the public were also leaving. Nobody came to the hall to notify us about any change to the starting time of the meeting or that the meeting ahd been cancelled.

Travelling 153 kilometres to attend a meeting which resulted in nothing is a waste of time and and who paid for the food?” added Rheeder.

The DA expects the MEC to apologize to the Kouga community for this sort of haphazard arrangement.

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