Cape Town skater breaks the speed limit

A Cape Town skateboarder has broken the speed limit of 60 km per hour when he flew down Kloof Nek early one evening. The video of Decio Lourenco flying down Kloof Nek has gone viral with over 700 000 views already.


However, Cape Town city officials are not amused. A safety and security spokesman for the city said: “All that was needed was for one of those motorists to panic and swerve into the oncoming traffic and you have a large number of deaths, as we have already had on that road.

“If we don’t take action against him, every other aspirant skateboarder will try it and one of them will come to a sticky end.”

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Core Surf

Andre Roux, a friend and fellow skater filmed the incident from a camera attached to the front of his car.

Lourenco is a higly experienced skater and has this to say about his speed limit breaking stunt. “”I accept that it’s dangerous but so is stepping out of my front door. I skate down that road all the time and was skating well within my limitations.”

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