Surf Clubs and Police patrol the JBay beachfront

Supetubes: The new look at an old line up.
Supetubes: The new look at an old line up.

The Jeffreys Bay Police and the surf community joined forces last week when they patrolled the Supertubes Park as well as the Lower Point car park area.

This pro active approach can go a long way in ensuring lower criminal activity in JBay, especially the Wavecrest area.

The Supertubes Park is in a much better condition than it was during during the early 1990’s when there was a lot of activity and crime happening in the park and local residents had to resort to commando style tactics to stop the crime.

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation has made huge strides in protecting the last remaining dune along the Jeffreys Bay beachfront.

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The razorwire, which protects the indigenous bush from being destroyed has helped tremendously in reducing crime around the Supertubes beach.

Warrant Officer Potgieter, who let the operation said that more joint initiatives will be planned in the future. “We appreciate the surf community assisting us and will hold another operation in Wavecrest later in February”, said Potgieter.

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